Sick Note Rules (Do You Need a Fit Note?)

sick note

10 minute read Last updated: 27th October 2019   If you are ill, you are by law permitted to take time off work to recover. To return to work after sickness absence, specific rules will apply depending on how long you have been absent from work. The following guide sets out the purpose of the […]

Right to be Accompanied (Employer Guide)

Employees who have been asked to attend a disciplinary or grievance hearing that may result in disciplinary against them will have the right to be accompanied. Employers are under a legal duty to follow a fair and lawful process when conducting disciplinary proceedings. The following guide looks at the rules governing the statutory right to […]

Walking Out Of A Job (Have You Resigned?)

7 minute read Last updated: 25th October 2019   Is walking out of a job tantamount to resigning? And, if so, what are the legal implications of resigning without notice and how does this affect your employment rights?   This article covers: Does walking out of a job mean I have resigned? What are the […]

Payment in Lieu of Notice (Employee Rights)

payment in lieu of notice

Payment in lieu of notice is where an employee receives notice pay from their employer instead of working their notice period when their employment is terminated without notice. Payment in lieu of notice, or PILON, can apply to many different types of dismissal. In this article, we look at the rules on PILON and how […]

Demoted at Work: What Are Your Rights?


10 minute read Last updated: 14th October 2019   A demotion is where an employee is reassigned by their employer to a role within the organisation that carries lesser responsibility, status or remuneration than their current role. There are certain circumstances in which employees can be demoted lawfully by their employer, but employees remain protected […]

Keeping In Touch Days: Your Maternity Rights

keeping in touch days

9 minute read Last updated: 10th October 2019   Specific conditions and rules apply to keeping in touch days, making it important to understand how ‘KIT’ days could work for you and your employer.   This article covers: What are keeping in touch days? How much will I get paid for keeping in touch days? […]

Bereavement Leave: What Are The Rules?

bereavement leave

6 minute read Last updated: 8th October 2019 If you have recently lost a loved one, you may be worried about what this means for taking time off work. In this guide, we look at the rules on bereavement leave, and specifically if you are permitted to be absent following a bereavement and whether you […]

Indirect Discrimination (Your Workplace Rights!)

Indirect discrimination is unlawful under the Equality Act 2010. The Equality Act allows you to take legal action against your employer if you are personally affected by indirect discrimination in the workplace. This guide is designed to help employees understand, identify and challenge indirect discrimination at work. Certain instances of indirect discrimination may be justifiable […]

Settlement Agreement

settlement agreement faqs

If you have been asked to sign a settlement agreement at work, take a look at our frequently asked questions to understand your rights.  What is a settlement agreement? A settlement agreement, also known as a compromise agreement, can be used to resolve or avoid a workplace legal dispute between an employee and their employer. Settlement agreements […]

Sickness Absence (Employee FAQs)

Sickness absence faqs

What are your employment rights while off work due to sickness absence? Statutory Sick Pay is an entitlement for qualifying employees who are off work due to sickness. Many employers offer enhanced sick pay to their employees under their contract of employment. You should check your contract or organisation’s sickness policy to find out if […]