Breach of Employment Contract by Employer

breach of contract by employer

By understanding the nature of your employment contract, together with its constituent parts, this will help you to understand the basis and extent of your employer’s contractual obligations towards you. Below we look at the different types of terms that make up an employment contract — both express and implied — and what steps employees […]

What is Garden Leave? (Employee FAQs)

13 minute read Last updated: 8th November 2019   Garden leave, or gardening leave as it is sometimes called, is when an employee is leaving an organisation’s employment but is asked not to attend the workplace or to work their notice. Employees should receive full pay and benefits while on garden leave. Garden leave is […]

Walking Out Of A Job (Have You Resigned?)

7 minute read Last updated: 25th October 2019   Is walking out of a job tantamount to resigning? And, if so, what are the legal implications of resigning without notice and how does this affect your employment rights?   This article covers: Does walking out of a job mean I have resigned? What are the […]