Compulsory Redundancy (Employer Guidance)

compulsory redundancy

To ensure the survival of your business you may find yourself forced to make financial cuts, including reducing your payroll liabilities. Alternatively, your organisation may have undergone a complete restructure, or you may have invested in new technology, making certain roles obsolete. Whatever the business driver behind redundancy, employers must in all cases follow a […]

Redundancy Process (Making Staff Redundant)

redundancy process

When making staff redundant, employers should follow a fair legal process that upholds employees’ rights while protecting the organisation from risks such as unfair dismissal claims. Throughout the process, the employer has to show compliance with the law and that they have exhausted all other options before terminating an employee’s contract through redundancy. In outline […]

Protected Conversations (HR Do’s & Don’ts)

Protected conversations have become an essential part of the HR toolkit, but they have to be used with care to avoid further issues arising. If you are looking to bring an employee’s contract of employment to an end, you may want to have an off the record chat with a view to agreeing acceptable terms […]

COT3 Agreement (Settlement FAQs)

A COT3 agreement sets out the terms of a settlement agreement between an employer and employee. The COT3 forms part of the ACAS early conciliation process, intended to help resolve employment claims coming before the employment tribunal. The following article sets out guidance on COT3 agreements, including whether they are enforceable.   What is a […]

How to Write A Dismissal Letter (Template)

If you are considering dismissing an employee, you will need to know the basis upon which you can lawfully dismiss someone, as well as what procedures to follow to ensure that you do so fairly, including the contents of the dismissal letter to notify the employee of your reasons. Before considering what a dismissal letter […]

Settlement Agreement Instead of Redundancy?

settlement agreement redundancy

13 minute read Last updated: 30th November 2019 As an alternative to time-consuming and costly redundancy procedures, not least in the context of large-scale redundancies, employers will often consider offering some form of settlement agreement to affected employees. A settlement agreement can often be a much quicker and more cost-effective way to formally and lawfully […]

Some Other Substantial Reason & Lawful Dismissal

17 minute read Last updated: 30th November 2019   As an employer, if you are looking to dismiss an employee, you will need a lawful reason to do so, otherwise run the risk of facing an unfair dismissal claim. Below we look at what ‘Some Other Substantial Reason’ means and how, in practice, this can […]

Dismissal for Sickness Absence (Employer Guidance!)

10 minute read Last updated: 24th September 2019 Where an employee remains on long-term sick leave or has a recurring pattern of time off work due to illness, you may have grounds for lawful dismissal for sickness absence, provided specific criteria are met. Employers, however, should proceed with caution and take advice to avoid risking […]