British Citizenship for Tier 1 Investors

For high net worth individuals from outside of Europe, the Tier 1 (Investor) Visa offers one of the most attractive routes to settlement in Britain. And under the current scheme, the more that investors put into the UK economy, the sooner British Citizenship for Tier 1 investors becomes available. The Tier 1 Investor Visa application process is, […]

UK Expats in the EU: Brexit Impact

This article was first published in August 2016, pre-dating changes to post-Brexit immigration rules.  British citizens living and working elsewhere in the EU, and the organisations that employ them, have even greater cause for concern than their UK-based counterparts about the impact of Brexit. While much of the Brexit discourse has centred on the rights of […]

Protecting EU Employees’ Rights After Brexit

This article was published in July 2016, pre-dating proposals to post-Brexit immigration rules.  EU employees are anxiously awaiting confirmation that their right to live and work in the UK will be preserved following the referendum. Protecting EU employees’ rights after Brexit is now a business priority for the many UK industries relying heavily on workers from […]

5 Myths Exposed: Immigration After Brexit

So much misinformation was circulated about immigration in the lead up to the referendum that it is difficult for UK employers and EU workers to know what to expect for UK immigration after Brexit. In fact, it is likely to be some time before the Government makes any definite policy announcements. To encourage cool heads during […]

UK Business Immigration post-EU Referendum

As Britain begins the process of extracting itself from the EU, nobody can say with any real certainty at this stage just how UK business immigration will change after Brexit, and which UK business immigration policies could or will replace the current system. For UK business owners that rely on EU migrant labour or have UK staff based […]

Business Immigration UK: Preparing for Brexit

Immigration has become a significant issue in the lead up to the referendum on 23 June. Nobody can say with any certainty what business immigration UK policies would replace the current system if Britain parted ways with the EU. Proponents of remaining in the EU suggest that EU migrants are net contributors to the economy […]

Brexit Impact on Employers and HR teams

With the EU referendum date now set for 23 June 2016, Britain is about to embark on an unprecedented period of campaigning, public debate and mass speculation about the future of the UK and its relationship with Europe. In particular, for the 2 million EU workers currently in Britain, there is no definitive picture of […]