Guide to the EEA Regulations 2016

The Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016, later updated in February 2017, are the prevailing legislation in respect of the immigration rights of EEA nationals coming to and remaining in the UK. The EEA Regulations 2016 are to remain in force in their current form at least and until UK immigration rules are formally amended as […]

MAC Interim Report March 2018

Interim Update: Migration Advisory Committee Report On 27 March 2018, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) published an interim report into the economic impact of EEA migration on the UK labour market. It will be the autumn at the earliest when the MAC publishes its full research piece and resulting recommendations as to how the UK’s […]

MAC Call for Evidence – Have Your Say

MAC Call for Evidence: UK Business and Employers – Have Your Say! The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has been commissioned by the UK government to undertake a substantial research and analysis process looking at two key areas: The social and economic impact of Brexit on Britain, and How UK immigration policy can be better aligned […]

Immigration Bill (How it Affects EEA Nationals)

This article was posted on 21 June 2017, before the Government announced details of settled status for EU citizens in the UK. Proposed Immigration Bill has considerable implications for EEA nationals in the UK Brexit dominated the 2017 Queen’s Speech. Among the areas cited for government focus was immigration, with new policies to be introduced […]

UK Immigration Policy Changes Ahead

Businesses in the UK who employ foreign workers have in recent years felt the impact of increasingly protectionist UK immigration policy changes. The introduction of the Immigration Skills Charge; closure of multiple visa routes; increases in the minimum salary requirement for Tier 2 skilled workers. Raising the cost, eligibility criteria and narrowing options for migrant […]

Latest immigration figures show extent of EU workers leaving UK

The last official migration figures to be released before the general election reveal EU workers are choosing to leave the UK. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) report shows that at 36%, the majority of leavers from the UK in 2016 were EU citizens, with 117,000 emigrating. This is an increase of 31,000 on 2015. […]

Barista Visa – Solution to Labour Shortages or a Bitter Tonic?

Reports of shortages of labour in specific sectors and an exodus of EEA workers as a result of Brexit are fuelling speculation about potential changes in the UK immigration rules. With the General Election now upon us and taking all political focus and energy, we do not expect any clarification on the future immigration status of EEA […]

EEA Permanent Residence Refused?

If you are unsure about your immigration options as an EEA national in the UK, and whether to complete the EEA PR Form or to register under the EU settled status scheme, speak to our legal advisers. At 85 pages, the permanent residence application form is substantial, and clearly causing issues for applicants resulting in […]

Immigration & UK Digital Strategy: The Missing Link?

In its newly published ‘UK Digital Strategy’, the Government has laid out its vision to digitally transform Britain through a long term plan of investment, training, education, and collaboration with the private sector. Amidst the optimism however, there are concerns that the strategy overlooks fundamental issues impacting the UK digital sector – crucially, immigration. The […]

Employers to Face Skills Shortages if EU Workers Leave UK

In a recent survey of over 1,000 UK employers conducted by the CIPD, more than a quarter reported their EU workers were considering leaving the UK in response to the Brexit vote and the resulting uncertainty around their immigration status. The education and health sectors reported higher numbers still, at 43% and 49% respectively. And […]