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Below is a query from a Non EEA national wishing to remarry. If you have any queries regarding your status in the UK, feel free to contact us.

Hi I was married to an EEA national, then we divorced I tell to HO they cancel my EEA permit but issue me a new EEA permit(on three years based) I just want to to know can I marry with someone else now in uk?

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Non-EEA Remarry After Divorce

Dear X

Thank you very much for your enquiry.

You are free to get married again whilst in the UK without prior permission from the Home Office.

If you get married again to an EEA national who is exercising treaty rights in the UK, you should make an application for an EEA family permit as their dependent prior to your current permit expiring. You will have to provide evidence of your relationship or marriage and evidence that they are exercising their treaty rights in the UK.

If you get married to a British citizen or a visa-national who has permanent residence in the UK, you will have to apply for leave to remain as their spouse and satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Rules.  You will have to provide evidence of your marriage, co-habitation and ability to meet the maintenance and accommodation requirements.

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