Top 6 Business Travel Risks for Employees

Business Travel Risks

In a globalised market place, sending employees abroad has become an essential part of business. Global mobility policies, designed to manage business travel risks and ensure that a trip runs smoothly, are equally essential. The mechanics of international business travel have become so easy: pack your suit, don’t forget your passport and, before you know […]

Improving Global Mobility Efficiency

Global mobility leaders, much like the rest of the business community, are under continued pressure to deliver operational efficiencies and make cost savings. But improving global mobility efficiency translates into benefits beyond cost reductions. Enhanced operational precision and accuracy creates more robust compliance practices, and alleviating demands on mobility professionals’ time enables focus on strategic […]

Global Mobility for Succession Planning

How global mobility can enrich your succession planning strategy. Finding the right people remains one of the key challenges in business. Competition for best talent is intense. The challenge becomes even more acute for senior level appointments, particularly where the requirements of a role demand international exposure and experience. Identifying and investing in future leaders […]

Tier 2 ICT

Tier 2 ICT – recent changes & strict criteria  The Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer (ICT) is generally used by multinational organisations to transfer skilled employees from an overseas office, subsidiary or sister company to fill a post in the UK which cannot be filled by a locally recruited employee. As you would perhaps expect […]

Latest immigration figures show extent of EU workers leaving UK

The last official migration figures to be released before the general election reveal EU workers are choosing to leave the UK. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) report shows that at 36%, the majority of leavers from the UK in 2016 were EU citizens, with 117,000 emigrating. This is an increase of 31,000 on 2015. […]

Guide to UK Business Visas for Non-EEA Citizens

What are the UK Business Visas for Non-EEA Citizens? With application errors leading to delays, rejections, lost fees, and missed opportunities, it has never been more important for non-EU citizens to select the most appropriate route of entry for their circumstances, whether that is to work, invest or build a business in the UK. Start […]

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Interview Questions

As part of your Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa application, you may be required to attend a Home Office interview. The objective will be for the Home Office to learn more about you, your background, your business and future plans, to help make a decision on your application. It is important to prepare well. Start by rereading your […]

Alternative Visa Options for Non-EEA Workers

Since the introduction of the Tier 1 – 5 visa routes, many organisations are overlooking alternative visa options for non-EEA workers when on-boarding new hires or transferring existing staff to the UK. Selecting the Best Visa Option As part of your global mobility programme, it is important to ensure all non-EEA hires and transferees are […]

Naturalisation & EEA Family Members

The original version of this article was updated following the decision in Lounes, November 2017. Please contact DavidsonMorris if you have any queries. The curiosity in English law which saw non-EEA family members of EU nationals naturalising as British citizens subject to restricted rights to reside in the UK has been addressed. In November 2017, […]

Global Mobility Employment Contracts

The advantages of global mobility can only be achieved with careful planning and good legal advice. Determining the form that an employment contract takes for example can be a complex decision. Global mobility employment contracts require consideration of local and foreign immigration, taxation and employment laws. UK businesses and their employees may understandably prefer to simplify matters […]