Indefinite Leave to Remain Premium Service FAQs

ilr premium processing

8 minute read Last updated: 17th October 2019   The indefinite leave to remain premium service, now referred to as the ‘priority service’ following the introduction of UKVCAS, offers, for a fee, faster processing of applications for UK indefinite leave to remain than under the standard processing service.   This article covers: What are the […]

Spouse Visa After Divorce (How to Stay in the UK)

spouse visa after divorce

8 minute read Last updated: 31st October 2019   If you are living in the UK under a spouse visa, it will be important to understand how your immigration status will be affected in the event you divorce or separate from your British citizen spouse or civil partner.   This article covers: Immigration status: impact […]

Ancestry Visa Guidance for Applicants

uk ancestry visa guidance

8 minute read Last updated: 24th October 2019   The UK Ancestry visa allows Commonwealth citizens who meet certain eligibility criteria to come to the UK for up to 5 years to work and study, and to be accompanied by family members. In this ancestry visa guidance, we look at what the UK ancestry visa is, […]

UK Business Visa Requirements

business visa requirements

8 minute read Last updated: 24th October 2019   What are the UK business visa requirements? We look at the three main immigration routes for visa applicants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland who are looking to come to the UK for the purposes of engaging in business activities.   This article […]

UK Ancestry Visa: Unmarried Partner Route

8 minute read Last updated: 24th October 2019   If you are looking to apply for the UK ancestry visa unmarried partner route, read this guide on the visa rules relating to unmarried couples, including frequently asked questions about eligibility and making the application.   This article covers: Eligibility criteria What does the visa permit? […]

UK Ancestry Visa Renewal

8 minute read Last updated: 24th October 2019   The process of making a UK ancestry visa renewal application is rarely straightforward. The following guide looks at the criteria for UK ancestry visa renewal and how to maximise your prospects of being granted further leave to remain in the UK.   This article covers: What […]

Documents Required for UK Visitor Visa

7 minute read Last updated: 23rd October 2019   When filing an application for a visitor visa with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), there are numerous documents that you will need to submit to evidence your eligibility. Failure to provide adequate or required documentation risks your application being delayed or refused. The following guide for […]

BRP: Frequently Asked Questions


8 minute read Last updated: 23rd October 2019   The Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is a document given to non-UK nationals and their dependents that is usually applied for as part of a UK visa or immigration application. It can be used as a form of identification and is proof of the holder’s right to stay, work […]

Indefinite Leave to Remain Expiry Rules

ilr expiry

8 minute read Last updated: 17th October 2019   If you are an indefinite leave to remain (ILR) holder, or are applying for ILR, it is important to be aware of the indefinite leave to remain expiry rules and how ILR status can be lost or revoked. We also look at what to do if […]

UK Nationality: Do You Qualify?

uk nationality

9 minute read Last updated: 15th October 2019   It may be that you are unsure whether you already have UK nationality, perhaps because of your parent’s nationality even though you were born in the UK, or alternatively, you may wish to become a UK national and want to find out whether you are eligible […]