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Are you an illegal immigrant?

In September 2012, the UK Border Agency intend to announce a new databsae to track illegal immigrants.

We understand that the new system is to enable UKBA to reduce the backlog and to remove people quickly.

Immigration minister Damian Green, states “We’re concentrating much more on enforcement,” he said.

“From debrief interviews we’ve found that a third of people decide to overstay at the point their visa expires. If we can send these people letters warning of the consequences of illegally overstaying then I’m sure we can reduce the total number deciding to remain.”

Our question is, why has taken so long and wouldn’t it be more productive for UKBA to spend money on processing visa applications for the thousands of migrants who are legal in the UK but caught up in their system.

Why does it currently take 6 months for a EEA family application to be processed, 3 months for an extension to an Tier 2 (ICT) visa and its almost impossible to gauge when a long residence application will be processed.

Undoubtedly the new database will cost the public purse millions and fail. We recommend for them to use Colombo. Cheaper and he always got there in the end.

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