Adam Hoefel looks the application process of the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa.

“When applying for the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa, in most cases you’ll be making an application to the British consulate in your country of nationality or legal residence.

“In certain cases you may be able to switch into the category from within the UK.

“In either case you will be providing the Home Office or the consulate with a selection of supporting evidence that demonstrates you meet the criteria.

“So that will include evidence that you have funds available to invest in the business in the UK and that those funds can be transferred, evidence that you satisfied the English language requirement but I think most importantly you’d be providing evidence that you have a credible business plan and that you’ve got the skills and capability of executing that business plan.”

[00:00:42] Now in addition to the evidence that you provide, the Home Office may also want to assess you in person to assure that you are a credible applicant. So you may be asked to attend an interview as a part of the process, at which point there would be an immigration officer asking you questions about the proposed business and assessing whether you can answer those questions confidently.