Patrick Lewis provides an overview of the appeals process for a refused Tier 1 entrpreneur application.

“There’s no longer any statutory right of appeal against the refusal of a Tier 1 Entrepreneur application. So the only way to challenge that decision is through Administrative Review.

“That’s the first stage of challenging a decision. And it’s done in writing and it’s done within 28 days of that decision being taken.

“The criteria that one has to have regard to when challenging a decision is first of all to have close consideration of the actual reasons that have been put forward.

“It may be that it’s simply a factual error by the entry clearance officer which can be very easily rectified in the process of the Administrative Review.

“If however it’s a case of a genuine decision and it’s alleged that the business isn’t a genuine business, then the Administrative Review is significantly more complicated and will require a very close consideration of the reasons, the business plan that’s being put forward and the reasons as to why that decision is incorrect.”