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DavidsonMorris is a modern legal services provider that specialises in providing value and solutions-based guidance on immigration law.

We are immigration legal advisers to a range of tech companies, from start-ups through to larger, established digital organisations.

Recent parliamentary studies show the UK tech sector is suffering a critical shortage in skilled digital workers.

While the government implements long-term measures to close the domestic skill gap, in the short-term, businesses need to find talent, to be competitive on a global scale and to be able to realise their commercial goals.

One solution is to recruit skilled digital talent from overseas.

With a range of visa options potentially available to digital workers, and onerous immigration duties on employers, employing foreign workers can seem daunting.

DavidsonMorris provides a complete managed immigration service to the tech sector, from advising on the most suitable visa option, through to handling visa applications and liaising with employees to guide them through the process.

We work with tech sector companies to ensure they remain compliant with their duties under UK immigration rules, and avoid civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance.

Our tech sector immigration services include advice on:

  • Visa options
  • Resident Labour Market Test
  • Shortage Occupation List
  • Applying for a Sponsor Licence
  • Renewing your Sponsor licence
  • Immigration compliance training
  • Right to work processes and procedures
  • Preparing for Home Office visits
  • Challenging civil penalties for illegal working

We also deliver a regular programme of legal updates and webinars covering HR compliance training, mobility trends and relevant topics regarding visa and immigration for tech companies.


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