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Immigration consultancy

The Home Office regime for the Prevention of Illegal Working applies to all UK employers and includes a civil penalty scheme, criminal penalties and restrictions on sponsoring non-EEA nationals to work in the UK.

What do employers have to do?

It is essential for UK businesses to ensure they have the required evidence of employees’ right to work on file, and that their HR systems and processes are compliant.

If you do not seek the proper permission to employ workers from overseas, as well as undertake all prescribed documentation checks, you are liable for fines of up to £20,000 per worker and, in some cases, even imprisonment.

The challenges for organisations are:

  • Improving global mobility and the recruitment and retention of high-calibre staff against the backdrop of the ever-changing Points Based System.
  • Maintaining a compliant future and avoiding sanctions and adverse publicity for non-compliance.
  • Reducing costs and application budgets that are highly resource intensive and streamlining immigration processes.
  • Strengthening and improving immigration support through professional development and increasing knowledge of internal departments and teams.

What we can do to help

DavidsonMorris has many years of experience working with large global and international organisations whose primary objectives are increasing global mobility, compliance, statutory defence, reputational protection, streamlining and cost reduction.

We become part of your team, available to provide complete immigration support and value based guidance to support all of your organisational goals including:

  • Strategic global migration planning. Global businesses require a global strategy, which supports its people to move freely across borders. Our comprehensive and up-to-the-minute knowledge of immigration laws gives us the ability to provide and develop strategic global migration planning and strategies that are aligned to your overall business and human capital strategy.
  • Immigration audit and compliance. Providing you with assurance that your immigration and Right to Work matters are controlled to a high standard using analytical and information technology-assisted techniques so that assurance is obtained for you in an effective and efficient manner. We also provide policy advice, feedback on written policies and interpretation of home office guidance.
  • Immigration process improvement. Working alongside you to refine and streamline your immigration program we can assist you in achieving maximum efficiencies and seek to reduce your costs.
  • In-house immigration development. Working alongside you we can support the aims of your organisation’s learning and development programmes by devising and delivering schemes for the professional development of support staff involved in immigration.

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